Preparing for Your Botox Appointment: A Detailed Guide

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Prepping up for the botox appointment
Botox treatments are not all about the moment of truth and the way an aesthetician takes care of the skin. For a Botox treatment to take an apt effect, the procedure has to include adequate pre- and post-preparation the patient has to adhere to. Whilst a Botox treatment only takes up to half an hour to complete, the preparation for the procedure will play a huge role in the quality of effects it provides. Thus, to get the best results, there are a few basic rules you must follow before getting your Botox.

The Pre-Treatment Dos and Don’ts

Before you get your Botox treatment, your face must be well-rested and fresh so that Botox injections can settle properly. However, to reach the best results, follow the rules below, and learn why it’s vital to stick to what your doctor advises you.

1. DO Clean Your Face

When you go to your appointment, make sure you don’t wear any makeup, creams, or moisturizers. Your face must be fresh and cleansed so that the Botox can sink in accordingly. Otherwise, your skin will be prone to irritations in the treated area. Before starting the treatment, the aesthetician will begin prepping your skin by clearing your face with rubbing alcohol. Although you can clean your face at home with the same routine, it’s best if you only clean it as per usual and leave alcohol cleansing to the pros. That way, your skin doesn’t undergo double alcohol cleaning and won’t dry off additionally.

2. DON’T Drink Alcohol or Smoke

Before your Botox appointment, refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking. This is a must as alcohol widens the blood vessels and can prevent Botox from setting in the skin. Alcohol impacts the blood vessels, and as a result, you might get a swollen face or redness around the injected area if you consume it ahead of the treatment. Also, alcohol affects the post-treatment, and if consumed, can prevent proper recovery. For the skin to heal quickly without any bruising, avoid drinking alcohol at least 48 hours before and after the treatment.

3. DO take Arnica Cream or Pills

Arnica is a flower that grows only in sunny locations in the mountains. Botanics have been using this flower for bruises, redness, or to prevent bleeding or swelling for centuries. Any local drugstore stores Arnica pills, and it’s advisable to take them a week before and after your Botox appointment. Arnica will soothe your face and prepare your skin and help Botox absorb more easily. Arnica pills or cream will stop the occurrence of swelling, redness, or bleeding – effects that are common and normal during the first 4-6 hours of the treatment.

4. DON’T take Ibuprofen and Aspirin

NSAIDs like Advil, Motrin, Naproxen, Ibuprofen, or any other pills impact the blood as they weaken the blood vessels. Taking these pills before undergoing a Botox treatment can cause redness, swelling, or bruising. Thus, it’s best if you avoid taking Ibuprofen or Aspirin at least two weeks before you go to your Botox appointment. But, also remember that you shouldn’t take NSAIDs on your hand, so it’s best to always consult a doctor. If you must continue the medicine, the best solution is to reschedule the appointment.

5. DO Workout before Your Appointment

If you have workouts to do ahead of your Botox appointment, do them before you do treatment. This is to avoid any excessive face movements that might relocate the Botox once applied. Also, make sure you are well-rested before your Botox treatment because you shouldn’t stretch your face following the procedure.

6. DO Eat Before Your Appointment

Make sure you are well-nourished before your Botox appointment so that you won’t need to eat the next 4-6 hours after the procedure. Just like working out, stretching your face as you eat might also impact the Botox from setting in your skin, and mess up the final results, so stick to the post-procedure guidelines your aesthetician provides you with.

7. DO Get Excited about Your Botox

Last but not least, get excited about your Botox treatment, especially if you are a first-timer. Botox was and still is one of the leading anti-ageing treatments that preserve the youthful appearance you so crave. To get the entire drill on how to prepare for your Botox treatment and learn what to expect from it, book an appointment with Dr. Carol today!

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