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Botox Hacks You Must Know
As a well-known and beloved antidote to anti-aging, Botox has been ruling the cosmetic scene since 1987. Botulinum toxin (BoNT) is a neurotoxic protein that comes from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. This toxin has the power to freeze the muscles, which works perfectly for erasing fine and advanced lines, adding contour to the face and lifting it. But, due to mass advertisement of Botox as the elixir of youth, it became a custom and stereotyped anti-aging treatment that overshadowed the other benefits it brings. Below, let’s remove all shadow of doubt surrounding Botox treatments and teach you of 6 Botox hacks you may have not yet heard of.

The Way Botox Works

Essentially, Botox prevents the chemical signals coming to the nerves from taking actionA Botox treatment serves to freeze the facial muscles and prevent them from contracting thus preserving the skin’s youthful appearance. Facial expressions are one of the prime causes of wrinkles, and Botox treatments fit like a glove for patients who are struggling with saggy and lined skin, as well as creases and folds. But, apart from the wrinkles and face-lifting, Botox cures many aesthetic features that aren’t so popular, and can be used as a medical treatment solution, too. This toxin holds many hacks under its belt, and it’s time to undo the buckle with these Botox Hacks.

1. Botox Lip Flip

When you apply Botox to the lips, they will curl upwards because the muscles around the lips will relax. The upper lip will curl upwards, and the lower lip will also slightly curl downwards giving you that plumped up look. This lip-flip treatment gives the entire lip a voluminous effect without the use of fillers. But, if you want more lip volume, you can opt for a combination of Botox for a nice lining and then add lip fillers for an additional boost.

2. Fix a Gummy Smile

The sub-hack of injecting your lips with Botox is the Gummy Smile solution. If your gums show more than you’d like, then Botox is the right treatment to consider. As the lips get a bit tighter after the injections, your gums will be all the way covered when you smile as the plumpness increases.

3. Eyebrow Lift

Possibly one of the best Botox hacks is lifting the eyebrow arches. With the close and precise Botox injection just below the eyebrow, you achieve a subtle eyebrow and eyelid lift. Many patients in their 40s notice their eyelids are loose but often reconsider getting treatments out of fear of the results and because the area is quite sensitive. However, with a simple injection below the eyebrow, the Botox will indirectly lift the eyelids, too, giving you a foxy look and a nice facial balance.

4. Neck Bands

At the front and sides of our necks, there are two plumb neckbands, medically known as platysma muscle bands. These bands are usually a sign of rapid aging but to prevent them from progressing or showing at all, a Botox treatment can be quite helpful. Botox injections will freeze the dynamic muscles that squeeze the elastin from your neck and will instead help you preserve a youthful look. You will have a smoother neckline and tighter skin with minimal downtime – and downsides.

5. Masseter Muscle

The masseter is a jaw muscle that helps you chew your food. This muscle connects the jaw with the cheekbone. In this case, Botox is used more as a medical solution instead of an aesthetical one. People in their 40s usually experience more jaw tension, pain, or clenching, and Botox can fix this too. It will practically paralyze the muscles for 4-6 months, and you won’t be undergoing the irritant jaw-related aches. On an aesthetic note, Botox is used for contouring and accentuating the facial lines for a balanced appearance, and will smoothen all jaw muscle bumps that appear over time.

6. Excessive Sweating

In medicine, Botox is used for treating excessive sweating too. Essentially, the toxin in the Botox impacts the sweating glands as it freezes the sweat generating muscles. Thus, the sweating will slow down, and you can rest assure for 4-6 months until your redo appointment. However, since this Botox feature has medical intentions, you should be cautious. Before you decide to treat your excessive sweating with Botox, consult with a doctor first. Also, treating over sweating with Botox is not recommended for pregnant women.

Before You Go…

Botox is not only a face lifter but a neuromodulator that relaxes the nerves and muscles. As shown, however, Botox has various medical purposes, too. Aside from the aforementioned hacks, Botox can be used as a regular rejuvenation treatment and help with anything from lifting saggy and dull skin, ironing out wrinkles, giving your face some contour and volume, and enhancing your natural beauty! For any dilemmas you might have, Dr. Carol is happy to answer your questions!

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