Special Before and After Highlight: Cheek Filler Botox

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cheek filler botox

An amazing before & after of a nonsurgical midface volume restoration with cheek filler and Dysport.

With this beautiful client, our goal was to add volume to the midface with fillers to lift and create a youthful look. Cheek fillers are designed to sculpt and define your cheeks, giving you a plump and beautiful face

One of the main areas of the face that cause the look of aging is Malar fat pads. Malar fat pads sit on top of the cheekbone until gravity begins to act and the fat pads settle and lower down in the face, making the cheeks look sunken. The nasolabial folds, the creases that run from the sides of our nose to the corners of our mouth, begin to deepen with age.

Even further down the face, as we age, the skin falls down into the chin and jawline. Unfortunately, this creates marionette lines and jowls. With the use of fillers into the mid-face, we are in turn attempting to restore lost volume, and lift the facial tissue that has started to drop.

cheek filler botox

The after photo was taken 3 days after the procedure and now you can really see the difference in volume and the lift the fillers created! ✨

We’re dedicated to making you look and feel your best. Call to book your next appointment with Dr. Carol✨

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