Who Can Legally Inject Botox in New Jersey?

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who can inject botox in new jersey
Botox is one of the most popular and high-demand beauty treatments in New Jersey and the world. The rights to carry out Botox treatments professionally vary, based on the location of the practice. In some countries, even nurses, under the supervision of a physician, can inject Botox.

Who Can Legally Inject Botox in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, only a licensed medical professional can inject Botox legally. They also have to practice in a medical facility to provide the treatment. The American Academy of Facial Esthetics allows dentists to also administer Botox. It’s a wise choice to consult a medical provider for your Botox needs because injecting neurotoxin off by a fraction of an inch can cause droopy eyes and other unwanted side effects. A well-trained medical physician will be there to even prevent an adverse reaction.

Where Can you Book a Botox Session in New Jersey?

If we’re talking about getting treatment from trained professionals – Line Eraser MD is among the first go-to medical spas for Botox injections in New Jersey. The conditions of the Botox sessions performed here are professional and in compliance with all criteria required. 

Can an Esthetician do Botox in New Jersey?

Botox is a cosmetic procedure that must be performed by a fully licensed medical physician. Therefore, no – estheticians cannot perform Botox injections on patients in New Jersey. However, estheticians may assist the doctor or the nurse, who is under the guidance of a physician, through the procedure.

Book Your Botox Appointment with Dr. Carol

Dr. Carol Eisenstat has an extensive medical training background, initially beginning as an board-certified anesthesiologist. Today, she is a fully licensed Medical Doctor offering professional Botox treatments to all patients in need.   Dr. Carol Eisenstat holds a Bachelor of Science degree from CUNY- Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education and Medical Doctor degree from SUNY- Stony Brook University After completing her training as a Medical Doctor, she continued her residency training program at SUNY – Stony Brook University, where she perfected her skills and ultimately became Chief Resident.  Having worked with masters in fields of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Carol began to become interested in chemical neurotoxins and aesthetic procedures. She then began to pursue training and certifications in Aesthetic Medicine.  Today, Dr. Carol Eisenstat is an independent and licensed medical physician for Botox treatments. At her practice, Line Eraser MD, she offers numerous treatments for clients with aesthetic concerns. Dr. Carol is constantly consulting with other physicians in the aesthetics field and obtaining the most up-to-date knowledge and training in order for her to provide the best care for her patients. Dr. Carol Eisenstat has withstanding experience in treating problematic skin, and Botox and aesthetic treatments are her specialties.  For the best Botox treatment in New Jersey, reach out to Line Eraser MD today and book your appointment with Dr. Carol!

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