PRP Facial: 6 Amazing Treatment Benefits

PRP Facial Benefits

PRP facials began to pick up steam around the last decade, and for good reason, too. With millions of people eager to erase signs of inevitable aging, like fine lines, creases, and folds, PRP delivers impressive results.

But what exactly is a PRP facial, and most importantly – what are its benefits?

To put it simply, a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial, is a rejuvenation treatment that uses the patient’s own blood’s plasma to promote skin cell growth. By nourishing the skin with blood plasma, PRP treatments can boost the numerous healing processes, such as skin regeneration as well as collagen and elastin production, ultimately resulting in more radiant, vibrant, and healthier-looking skin.

Without further ado, here are 6 regenerative and health benefits of PRP facial treatments:

1.   Healthy and Vibrant Skin

A PRP facial is an incredible treatment that aids the production of two crucial proteins that improve the texture and quality of the skin – collagen, and elastin. Usually, aestheticians combine PRP with microneedling, thus offering mesmerizing results to patients. By deep-treating the skin with microneedling, an aesthetician is able to speed up its regenerative process using nothing but the patient’s infused blood plasma.

The results of a PRP facial are impressive and can help firm saggy skin, iron wrinkles, and restore the skin’s superficial glow. In addition to this, the treatment can be used for people that want to add volume to specific areas, like the eyes or nasolabial folds.

2.   PRP Is Safe

As a treatment, PRP has been used for over fifty decades now and has primarily helped athletes heal from injuries. After decades of being used for sports injuries, people discovered its aesthetic benefits as well. Since the treatment is not aggressive or surgical and uses the patient’s own ‘material’, many healthy-skin fanatics rely on it as one of the best facial treatment alternatives.

PRP is a low-risk beautifying approach that causes no severe side effects except for minor bruising, usually gone within a few days.

3.   It Prevents Transepidermal Water Loss

Transepidermal water loss is the process of moisture evaporation from your skin, leaving it dehydrated. This typically happens when the skin barrier is damaged, causing all moisture to sleep through the cracks and leave the skin saggy and lifeless. Luckily, you can prevent water loss by strengthening your protective barrier, all done with a platelet-rich plasma treatment.

Among other purposes, PRP also helps regenerate exhausted skin cells and create new ones, which will help retain and lock the moisture in your skin for longer.

4.   It Helps Treat Acne & Scars

Facial scarring and acne breakouts are enemies number one to healthy and glowing skin. In most cases, acne appears as a result of excessive dryness that causes the skin to produce more sebum than usual. Excessive sebum production leads to oily skin that clogs the pores, thus leading to acne breakouts. As PRP treatments help with transepidermal water loss, you will begin noticing hydration improvements, and consequently – fewer acne breakouts.

The process of dealing with acne breakouts is ongoing, and can sometimes lead to facial scarring. Although some acne scars might disappear in time, typically a couple of months, others are deeper and need a more aesthetic approach, which puts PRP facials at the frontline as one of the best treatments for it. As the treatment helps hydrate and firm the skin, it is able to reduce visible scar tissue and diminish skin dryness that can potentially result in new acne.

5.   It Doesn’t Require Surgery

A PRP facial is usually done fairly quickly, between 30 minutes and an hour.

The procedure uses a specialized and non-surgical tool to help infuse previously filtered blood plasma into the patient’s face. Instead of needles, scalpels, and threads, PRP is a healthier and far less invasive procedure, which includes no surgery and delivers superb results with zero severe risks and minimal downtime.

6.   The Effects are Long-Lasting

Although it is not a one-time miracle treatment, PRP facials can be a great way to nurture the skin as required and enjoy the results of the treatment for months ahead, and sometimes years. If you are for steady and continuous results, PRP facials should be done over three consecutive treatments, within a three-month period.

As it is non-invasive, a PRP facial requires no extra healing downtime, meaning that you can continue with your daily activities the moment you leave the beauty salon. One recommendation following the treatment would be to steer clear of sun exposure in the first week since the treatment and use high sunscreen factor cream when going out.

Dr. Carol Eisenstat

Dr. Carol Eisenstat

is a highly trained and skilled board-certified anesthesiologist with a passion for facial aesthetics. She completed an accelerated 7-year combined Bachelor of Science – Medical Doctor program from CUNY – Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education and SUNY-Stony Brook University. Her education was achieved with high honors and she graduated with Magna Cum Laude distinction.

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