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LINE ERASER MD’s Livingston New Jersey – Nasolabial Lines

Focus Area: Nasolabial Lines- Smile Lines

Nothing tops a healthy, radiant and bright smile. However, plenty of smiling can easily cause your cheeks to crease further, leading to the appearance of fine and advanced nasolabial wrinkles.  

LINE ERASER MD’S Nasolabial Lines service in Livingston New Jersey, revolves around relaxing the cheek and nasal muscles to prevent further twitching, folding and creasing of the skin. Through this technique, we will manage to reduce the appearance of thick and dynamic wrinkles appearing around the lips and against the nasolabial fold.  The treatment is also suitable for treating problematic smile lines – all through the injection of FDA approved dermal fillers to the affected area, thus giving your nasolabial folds the volume and cheekiness in lacks. Give your smile the makeover it needs and schedule an appointment with one of our physicians to tighten the nasolabial folds and preserve the natural and vibrant appearance of your smile!

Dr. Carol Eisenstat during aesthetic treatment

Botox is safe for most people, but there is an art to administering it to get the results you and your guests want. You also want your friends to enjoy themselves and leave feeling more beautiful than ever. This means you are getting the right doctor for your party. Dr. Carol in Livingston New Jersey, will ensure you and your guests experience a professional aesthetics event while having fun.

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Moisturizer Cream
This line eraser treatment smooths out fines and advanced smile lines, crow’s feet lines and bunny wrinkles. Through a non-surgical procedure, the weakened smile muscles are injected and frozen to prevent further creasing. The treatment begins with a thorough face cleanse and application of numbing cream to ice the area. Following the procedure, your face will feel relaxed, tighter and revived.

While line erasing injections are a generally safe procedure, there can be minimal side effects, such as:

  • Skin redness or swelling
  • Minor bruising
  • Mouth area pain and discomfort
  • Partial numbness in the area
  • Light headaches
  • Drooling and minor speech differences

The Twinkling Eyes treatment allows minimal recovery time. Avoid lying down on your face or touching the treated area at least 4 hours after the treatment. You can exercise 24 hours after treatment completion. In the first few days after the procedure, you might feel a slight stinging in the area. First results are visible 3 to 14 days after the treatment. The treatment might require repetitions, namely, every 3 to 6 months.   

By relaxing the muscles from tension, this treatment enables a firmer, radiant, and line-free skin.
The injections used in the process will prevent additional skin creasing and freeze the natural look of your face. Through several consecutive treatments, you can expect a reduction of dynamic wrinkles, get rid of visible crow’s feet lines and smoothen the under-eye area.