Dysport Treatments in
Livingston New Jersey

Dysport Treatments in Livingston

Imagine how amazing it would be if you could always look like you’re at the doorstep of adolescence, not a day more. Dysport helps you battle eyebrow lines and creases, and you can find it at Line Eraser MD in Livingston, New Jersey. 

This FDA-approved neurotoxin injection can temporarily improve moderate to severe cases of wrinkles and creases. Say goodbye to the tired-looking person in your mirror and hello to a fresh, youthful you! With Line Eraser MD’s Dysport injections, in just 2-3 days, you can get back that fresh and crease-free look to your features! But, that is not all that Dysport can do – you can also leave behind every lip, neck, or eye crease! 

Give yourself the makeover you deserve! Schedule an appointment with New Jersey’s favorite cosmetic wiz, board-certified Dr. Carol Eisenstat and bring back your natural and vibrant look!

Dr. Carol Eisenstat during aesthetic treatment

Dysport is an FDA-approved cosmetic injectable. The procedure involves injecting Dysport’s main ingredient – a filtered form of botulinum toxin type A. The Botulinum toxin type A is a neuromodulator, meaning it prevents neural signals from your brain alerting your muscles to tighten, thus forming lines.

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On a national scale, the average cost for Dysport is around $450 per session. But you should bear in mind that this is not set in stone. Namely, every hospital, clinic, or doctor may charge you more or less. 

Moreover, it also depends on the area you are treating with Dysport and of course, the number of injections/units that you will need. For example, one session might need two injections areas and another can go with just one area.  

The recommended dosage of Dysport varies on individual needs and desired results.

Often clinics offer various discounts, so make sure to keep up with your trusted MedSpa constantly, so you don’t miss the treatments.

Each medical spa and clinic determines the price considering the area of treatment, as well as the duration of the treatment. For example, if you use Botox on a wider area, then you will need more units and injections, which inevitably results in a higher price for your session.

The effects of Dysport can be seen in a couple of days and they last up to 4 months. On the other hand, you will need a week to see changes from treatment with Botox. Botox results last between 3 and 4 months. Nonetheless, both procedures are safe and the duration of the process is just a couple of minutes. 

Yes. Dysport is a non-surgical treatment that erases the glabella lines or more commonly known as the lines between the eyebrows. Sometimes, Dysport may be used to treat crow’s feet, neck creases, or the lines forming around the lips as a result of smiling. 

Dysport can also be used to give the eyebrows a lift if injected precisely and carefully by a master injector. In general, by relaxing the muscle that covers the area above the upper eyelid, you can achieve an uplift of the eyebrows. Of course, the level of lift always depends on the number of units that are used. 

A relaxed mind translates to a relaxed body, and if you need a helping hand (or a syringe, in our case) visit Line Eraser MD in Livingston, New Jersey and gracefully erase those lines!

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