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Restylane returns your fresh-faced appearance and vibrant, youthful demeanor with one simple injection. Restylane is a clear biodegradable gel based on hyaluronic acid – a molecule already found in our skin. It has immediate results with long-lasting effects, able to fill even the most severe wrinkles and folds.  

Whether you want skin creases eliminated, excess fat folded, or other beauty needs addressed, Line Eraser MD’s Nasolabial Service in Livingston, New Jersey will have the right treatment for you. With Restylane and Line Eraser MD’s exceptional service, you’ll build the confidence you desire by ensuring we only work with FDA-approved fillers, Restylane is greenlight for treating wrinkles. 

Get your rejuvenated look near you in North New Jersey with Line Eraser MD and board-certified physician Dr. Carol Eisenstat.

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Smile lines may be a result of happy past memories, but not everyone smiles once they see them in the mirror. Wrinkles are a friendly reminder that you are not immune to the harsh conditions of the environment, nor the passed time. Even though age can’t be reversed, you can bring years back to your face with one simple Restylane treatment. 

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Depending on how much Restylane you’ll be needing to treat the damage time has done to your face, a single vile costs $700-$ 1500 in New Jersey. The total cost is a direct result on how many units your doctor will prescribe and the results you are looking to achieve.

Medical spas may allow discounts with purchased syringes. The total expense might be decreased if you schedule a follow-up appointment within the next 6 months and stay vigilant with maintaining filler results.

Restylane’s effects typically provide immediate results and usually are noticeable right after your injection session.

Restylane cost, per syringe, varies between $650 and $1400.

Although neither can be covered by health insurance, they do not require any downtime. Dermal fillers can be used to treat wrinkles, effects can last up to a year and a follow up appointment is necessary if you want to prolong the effects.

Restylane may be known for absorbing water from the injected area. This is typically noticeable with mild swelling after an appointment, especially around the eyes and lips. 

Because Restylane is a biodegradable gel based on hyaluronic acid it attracts water molecules to the site of the injection, contributing to its volume increase. The swollen areas will decrease within 2 weeks, and it’s advisable to sleep on your back during this period.

No. What makes Juvederm and Restylane different is their composition and properties. For example, Juvederm Voluma is the thickest among the Juvaderm family, and has a smoother texture. 

Restylane and Juvederm are cohesive and moldable, which allows your doctor to properly contour and shape your face. 

Juvederm may be a better option for fine lines in tight facial areas, while Restylane is ideal for adding volumes to sunken areas on your face. The cohesive construction of Restylane guarantees that the filler will remain in place. 

Each individual filler in the Restalyne and Juvederm families vary significantly in their composition and properties. It is crucial to be vigilant in selecting an experienced and thorough aesthetic injector who can help you select the ideal dermal filler for each targeted area. 

Visit Line Eraser MD for your next Restylane appointment, and allow yourself to feel alive once more!

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