Our Brand

Line Eraser MD was founded by Carol Eisenstat, MD.

We, at Line Eraser MD, embrace a natural, untouched look, allowing you to enhance your own beauty. Our goals are to help you feel empowered, build confidence, restore a natural, youthful appearance, and embrace your most valuable asset − YOU.   

Our board-certified medical director, Carol Eisenstat, MD, ensures the highest degree of compassion while creating individualized cosmetic treatment plans for our patients. Our aesthetic center offers customized concierge aesthetic treatments in the New Jersey area. 

Given that the world of beauty can seem overwhelming, with limitless procedures and products, we are here to help guide you through FDA-approved injectables, products, and innovative practices in aesthetic medicine which are best suited for you. 

Our top priority is to always uphold our patients’ best interests and we encourage a collaborative approach to achieve the best results.

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