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No longer a secret, after being publicized by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Bar Rafaeli and countless other Hollywood stars, the Vampire Facial™ has become the non-invasive approach to achieving eternal youth. A remarkable paradigm shift in the aesthetic world and one of only a few non-invasive procedures available, this treatment allows patients to experience no downtime and instantly look rejuvenated, younger and naturally glowing.
This meticulous in Livingston New Jersey, procedure requires specialized training and takes into account the mathematics of Leonardo da Vinci’s beauty ratios, understanding the science of platelet-rich-plasma, and capabilities of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to achieve impressive anti-aging results. Collapsed facial areas with skin of a grayish hue, are now restored and regenerated with properly proportioned volume and improved smoothness, tone, texture and color.
The Vampire Facelift has also been a go-to for younger patients, as an incredible preventative treatment, who wish to maintain a healthy, vibrant and youthful appearance.

Vampire Facelift with Dr. Carol Eisenstat

Platelet-rich plasma treatments make face rejuvenation a more pleasant and natural experience. Being both safe and effective, see for yourself why everyone is head over heels for the Vampire Facelift. 

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All you need to know about Vampire Facial in New Jersey

New trends in the skincare aesthetic world never cease to amaze us. If it weren’t for celebrities, we would’ve never thought of using a Facelift Treatment in which the main compound is our own blood.

Nevertheless, it’s so easy to observe the difference between the before and after the outcome of this Vampire Facial Treatment. And for that matter, many older individuals are heading towards New Jersey MediSpas and clinics for this sort of therapy as a non-invasive approach to improve their facial appearance and their skin health.

The Vampire Facelift is using Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and might be the best natural solution for all those who are looking for a non-surgical better skin appearance. Patients can decrease their skin volume, reduce the fine lines or wrinkles, and make their faces glow!

When it comes to improving the appearance of the skin, many people are searching for a variety of therapies that are fast increasing in popularity. One treatment is the Vampire Facelift Тreatment, a platelet-rich plasma therapy, which is a non-invasive, straightforward process for beautiful skin.

Everyone who desires to look and feel better without having to undergo expensive and perhaps hazardous surgeries in New Jersey can consider the effects that come with a Vampire Facelift treatment. Both men and women are interested in this anti-aging breakthrough technique that can undo years of skin damage in just one treatment.

This is a cutting-edge exclusive technique, specially customized and verified for aesthetic purposes. In New Jersey, certified practices will charge between $1,500-2,500 for a Vampire Facelift treatment, depending on the amount used.

This treatment is very affordable for New Jersey and Livingston residents, performed swiftly with sterilized equipment and providing satisfying results. But to simplify, this is a process where a mask from your own blood and hyaluronic acid is injected into your face with a sterile needle.

Despite the fact that this might seem scary, it is an almost painless process and requires only topical anesthesia. The blood is drawn from your arm, centrifuged until it’s concentrated into a plasma, and it’s repeated until the needed serum is created. First, the hyaluronic acid is injected into your face areas and then the blood serum.

The Vampire Facelift has been shown to help with revitalization as centrifuged plasma from your own blood is injected back into your skin.

As a result, this process promotes cell development, collagen production, and triggers a body healing reaction. Your hollow cheeks will be plumped out, your skin texture will be improved and you will have an even skin tone without under-eye bags. Vampire Facelift treatment is also ideal for improving the areas where using fillers of hyaluronic acid is not safe or it’s unreachable. The result can be clearly visible after 2-3 weeks and can last for almost a year.

New Jersey prides itself on having quality physicians providing effective Vampire Facelift Treatments. This procedure results in remarkable Facelift rejuvenation and is not simply a temporary wrinkle improvement measure. This process can also stimulate hair growth, and even can be used for breast lifting.

A serious allergic reaction or intolerance is almost impossible since the process uses the patient’s own blood, which is the safest tool to work with aesthetically. Before this procedure, of course, you should always inform your doctor about all your current medications if you use any, including any herbal supplements. 

There is virtually no downtime for the Vampire Facelift Treatment. Before you opt for the Vampire Facelift Treatment, you need to be informed that most individuals might suffer some level of redness, itchiness, or swelling.

Your skin might experience some flaking or peeling but you should never touch them because you might leave a scar. For the first week after the treatment, avoid strenuous exercise and stay hydrated to ensure proper and quick healing.

Anyone can consider trying this well-known treatment however, a thorough consultation is necessary to make sure this is the right procedure for you.

At Line Eraser MD, we aim to meet your facial aesthetics expectations. Safety, support, satisfaction, and expertise are the foundations of our facility.

Dr. Carol Eisenstat is one of the few trained professionals to provide this innovative technique and is fully committed to granting you the most pleasant experience and results.

If you are not a fan of treatments like Botox, you can try out this new and natural innovation that uses your own blood. For the perfect Vampire facelift treatment in New Jersey, reach out to Dr. Carol to learn more and book your appointment today!

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