Redefining Aesthetic Medicine

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In the fiercely competitive field of aesthetic medicine,
Line Eraser MD distinguishes itself with a refreshing
dedication to excellence, surpassing all traditional
medical spas with a heightened commitment to
quality. This dedication extends not only to the
cutting-edge services offered but also to their expert
delivery by Dr. Carol Eisenstat, a compassionate and
highly-skilled board-certified physician renowned for
her artistry, precision, and expertise.

At Line Eraser MD, Dr. Eisenstat exclusively performs
all the medical services, distinguishing it from
typical medical spas where nurse practitioners and
physician assistants often perform the procedures.
Dr. Eisenstat’s unmatched dexterity and in-depth
understanding of facial anatomy, coupled with her
education as an anesthesiologist, set the standard
for precision and expertise.

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