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Although our lips tend to thin as we get older, a full pout is no longer reserved to just Hollywood celebrities. Fuller lips are a signifier of youth and sensuality and there is something we can actually do about it. Using highly strategic injections of “baby Botox” around the mouth, we are able to create fuller looking lips without the use of fillers. By helping relax the upper lip and “flipping” it out, our method results in a natural enhancement of shape without any added volume. Our Lip Flip in Livingston New Jersey, is a less invasive and cost-effective approach to creating lip enhancement with minimal downtime. This procedure is best for someone who desires fuller lips but would like to hold off on the commitment to lip fillers. The key to the best results of our Lip Flip is maintenance in order to retain the shape of your plump-looking lips. Kissy Kissy!

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Botox is safe for most people, but there is an art to administering it to get the results you and your guests want. You also want your friends to enjoy themselves and leave feeling more beautiful than ever. This means you are getting the right doctor for your party. Dr. Carol In Livingston NJ, will ensure you and your guests experience a professional aesthetics event while having fun.

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A lip flip procedure is a quick and nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that aims to plump your upper lip. The treatment aims to prevent lip thinning and give you a full, juicy pout instead. Through the use of ‘baby Botox’, the procedure flips your lip to enhance its appearance and relax the upper lip muscle without using fillers or reshaping the tissue.     

A lip flip treatment is suitable for patients who:

  • Want to achieve fuller lips without using dermal fillers;
  • Have lost upper lip tissue flexibility and motion;
  • Crave a less gummy smile.

The treatment takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete and ensures results for 8 to 12 weeks.

Three to four days prior to the treatment, patients have to avoid alcohol consumption and consumption of blood-thinners (e.g. Aspirin). During the procedure, the lips are not numbed as the treatment is not painful. Using injections, a specialist will treat the centre and corners of your upper lips. Following the treatment, you can resume regular activities, with caution. Stop smoking in the first few days after a lip lift and avoid rubbing, massaging or touching the area. During this time, it is best you sleep on your back to avoid lip creasing.

While generally a safe treatment, some patients might experience minor side effects following the procedure, including minor bruising or swelling. If a larger dose of Botox is used, patients might experience additional side effects, such as:

  • Drooling
  • Speaking difficulties
  • Spitting issues
  • Lip dropping, on one side

All these symptoms will retract as the effect wears off.

Ensure you consult your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Swallowing complications
  • Slurred speech
  • Heavy breathing
  • Blurred vision