Russian Lips: a Trending Technique For Lip Injections

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Russian lips

Russian lips are the trending lip injection technique that has caused a craze among women of all ages. As a lip augmentation method, lip injections alter the look of the lips by making them fuller and plumper. In essence, Russian lips differ from regular lip injections in being flatter, and wider.

The trend is about mimicking the look of Russian women with naturally voluminous lips without ending up with an overly plump, unnatural look, which was a frequent result of lip fillers. Instead, the Russian Lips treatment is all about full lips, visually shortened philtrum and a v-shape on the bottom lip. 

How Are Russian Lips Different from Regular Lip Fillers?

In essence, both techniques fall into the category of lip injections aimed to add volume and plumpness to lips. The major difference between the two is that traditional lip fillers treatment add volume to the whole lip area, making lips wider and fuller. 

Plus, lip injections come with the risk of filler migration, which translates to the process of the dermal filler circulating or “migrating” to the surrounding area of the treated one, usually above and under the lips.

russian lips before and after

Compared to Russian lips, the trending technique works by adding height to the lips. In other words, the pink of the lip is slightly raised higher to deliver the illusion of a shorter philtrum. In the same way, the lower lip declines, thus creating a V-shaped bend. 

Opposed to lip injections that can be spotted by looking at the person from the side and seeing their lips create a bulge, Russian lips won’t add volume to the lips. Instead, a person that’s had Russian lips done will have flat-looking lips from the side that is rather elongated and widened. 

Instead of the dreaded “duck lips”, Russian lips will give you a more Bratz doll lip.

How Long Does the Russian Lips Procedure Last? 

The procedure of getting Russian lips will take anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. It’s important to remember that the medical practitioner will inject more filler than regular injections to achieve the Russian lips look, which will take more time. Hence, don’t be surprised to see the treatment time extend from 30 to 45 minutes. 

Who Is the Treatment Best For?

Russian lips will generally look most natural and fit on untreated lips, and the reason behind this notion is that previous injectables won’t interfere with the lift and flip of the lip. A Russian lips treatment is most suitable for people with a more prominent philtrum or an exceptionally thin upper lip since it will create more height and add proportion to the whole face. 

If you’ve had filler before, even as little as filler 1 ml, you should consider dissolving it first before treating your lips the Russian way. 

Is the Method Painful? How Long Do Russian Lips Take to Settle?

Compared to traditional lip fillers, the pain level while getting Russian lips isn’t that much different. People that have had the technique done report that the procedure doesn’t hurt much. 

However, the Russian technique of plumper lips can cause some extra swelling and bruising compared to traditional lip injections. However, the puffiness is expected to subside within three days after the procedure. In two weeks, once fully healed, you’ll be able to see your lips in all of their glory – you’ll have a set of stunning lips you can proudly sport. 

Your medical practitioner should be able to explain the details surrounding the technique, from the fact that it takes slightly more time to do the procedure to the development of bruising and swelling. Consult with a professional and have all of your questions answered before you enjoy your Russian lips. 

Can Russian Lips Look Natural?

Compared to traditionally augmented lips, Russian lips look and feel more natural, so you won’t have to worry about your lips creating a bulge. The Russian technique will lift the upper lip without adding volume but rather create a harmonious lip aesthetic. 

However, consulting with a professional is always a good idea. Do some research regarding “Russian lip practitioners near me” and find the best lip injection providers that will take the time to explain everything surrounding Russian lips. Moreover, a professional in lip injections will know exactly how much filler to administer so your new Russian lips look as natural as possible.

treatment russian lips

The Longevity of the Russian Lips Treatment

Generally, a Russian lip treatment will last anywhere from six months to a full year. Granted, the longevity of the effects depends on factors like metabolism and post-procedure care, but in essence, you can expect your Russian lips to last up to a year.

Can the Effects of Russian Lips Be Prolonged?

Luckily, there are a few habits to adopt and practices to try to extend the effects of your Russian lips. From limiting your time in the sun to finding the best facial beauty practitioner, let’s go over a few healthy habits to help your Russian lips last longer.

  • Avoid using untested cosmetic products on your lips
  • Always remember to hydrate
  • Protect your lips with chapsticks whenever possible

What to Expect After Getting Russian Lips?

After you’ve enhanced the look of your lips, you should understand how to care for them the right way. We’ve shortlisted some guidelines for you, so let’s scan through them.

  • Don’t drink using a straw at least for 24 hours post-procedure
  • Don’t apply any kind of pressure on the lips for at least a day after the treatment
  • Put ice on the treated areas to avoid excess swelling
  • Pause kissing for a minimum of 24 hours post-treatment
  • Avoid tanning beds and saunas for 2 days after the treatment
  • Don’t practice facial massages for 2 weeks

Quick Q&As About Russian Lips

Having a bunch of questions about lip augmentation is only natural – the more you ask, the more you know. We genuinely receive many questions about the procedure and are happy to share some of them with you.


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