Line Eraser MD Implements Ultrasound Guidance for Safe Practice of Cosmetic Dermal Fillers

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Line Eraser MD’s Ultrasound Guidance is the New Standard of Care for Safe Practice of Cosmetic Dermal Fillers in Aesthetic Medicine

Dermal fillers are a reliable and safe method for non-surgical cosmetic procedures and enhancements. However, despite the reliability of these common injectables, complications can occur. Even when utilized by an experienced and highly credentialed physician, risks of filler placement are inherently present. Although complications and risks are rare, at Line Eraser MD, the mission is to keep patients as safe as possible and minimize any risks related to cosmetic filler procedures while delivering top-quality treatment.

Ultrasound is an innovative method that is used to locate targeted areas for injectables through digital mapping. It is a beneficial and quick technique that allows the physician to observe the underlying tissue and locate veins, arteries, nerves and muscles. Identification of these anatomical structures increases the safety and precision of the placement of injectable dermal fillers. By locating these structures, the physician can examine the anatomy of the face, focus on the targeted area (such as jawline, chin, lips, tear trough, and cheeks) and then, ensure appropriate and precise injection of cosmetic fillers.

Blood vessels, which are not visible to the naked eye, are identified with ultrasound imaging during a patient evaluation. Ultrasound for vascular mapping prior to cosmetic filler placement is crucial in order to help prevent complications, such as vascular occlusion, from occurring. By performing this key and thorough analysis, the depth and precise location of a patient’s blood vessels is noted and marked. The identification of vascular structures, with ultrasound, aids in the avoidance of filler-related vascular blockage which can result in compromise of blood flow to surrounding areas of the face.

Additionally, in circumstances where a patient has received dermal filler injections from another practice and would like the filler to be dissolved, ultrasound mapping can be used to locate the area of the previous filler placement. Dissolving previously placed filler can then be safely and accurately performed.

The use of ultrasound to evaluate non-vascular structures is important for other aesthetic purposes. Examination of possible nodules, swelling and granulomas with ultrasound technology allows thorough evaluation and possible guidance for proper management of any filler-related issues.

Ultrasound imaging is a noninvasive and specialized digital technique that allows the physician or injector to visualize facial blood vessels and surrounding structures in order to increase the safety of dermal filler placement. The ultrasound method with filler placement is a cutting-edge medical advancement that allows aesthetic providers to deliver safe and consistent filler outcomes. Patient safety and superior quality of care with cosmetic procedures is the top priority to the team of injectors at Line Eraser MD.

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Line Eraser MD is a medical spa founded and operated by Dr. Carol Eisenstat. The medical spa specializes in and offers various FDA-approved cosmetic procedures performed by a board-certified physician, using the latest technology.

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