Botox Airbrush: How Micro Botox Injections Maintain Your Skin Health?

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how botox airbrush help maintain the skin health
No matter how hard you try to prevent it, aging is an inevitable process. Typically, the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and creases is a result of insufficient collagen and elastin production in the skin. Luckily, the process of rapid aging can be maintained and delayed, all thanks to anti-aging alternatives and state-of-the-art skincare treatments.  Whilst there is an abundance of aesthetic treatments to choose from nowadays, not all deliver the same results nor effects. Among the bunch, botox treatments have proven to be the most effective way to maintain your skin health and stay safe at the same time.  As an FDA-approved cosmetic approach, Botox comes in many shapes and forms, but below, we’ll have a deeper look at the ever-popular Botox Airbrush treatment.

What is a Botox Airbrush Treatment?

Botox airbrush is a specialized cosmetic treatment designed to iron out wrinkles and facial lines and give the face its former glow. Oil production keeps your skin hydrated and soft, but some patients experience excessively oily skin, which can be treated with a Botox Airbrush treatment. The procedure uses superficial and mini needles which apply Botox to the superficial layer of the skin, thus reducing pore size, preventing excessive oil production in the skin, and reducing sweating.   Botox is used cosmetically for diminishing various skin imperfections and freezing the muscles to prevent them from overworking themselves. When used intradermally, however, Botox produces miraculous effects that leave your skin smooth and beautiful. Botox is crucial for those with oily and acne-prone skin and can provide results visible for several months, depending on each patient’s needs.  As for the benefits that follow a Botox Airbrush treatment, they are as follows:

Reduces Oil

A Botox Airbrush treatment is heaven-sent for people with oily skin. Botox airbrush has a ‘secret weapon’ to diminish oil production. When it is injected intradermally, it inhibits the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which helps decrease oil production. Injecting botox in a problematic area controls and reduces the skin oil levels, and leaves it less greasy and smooth. 

Shrinks Pores

Are you tired of pores? A Botox Airbrush treatment can help. This fantastic treatment diminishes the pore size and gives the skin a smoother tone and a more improved texture. Although the effect of shrinking pores is not permanent, the treatment results last over a few months following which the procedure can be repeated to maintain the results. As intradermal botox controls the pore size when injected, it has the power to tighten, brighten and smoothen the skin.

Makes Your Skin Smoother 

Who doesn’t want a matte skin finish? The Botox airbrush treatment leaves your skin normally dry and smooth, whilst still providing you with a make-up effect. Once applied superficially, the treatment leaves your skin radiant yet not greasy and gives you the make-up look without even using makeup.

It’s Painless

One of the biggest misconceptions about Botox treatments is that they hurt. However, the good news is that any botox treatment, including botox airbrushing, is painless, and does not irritate or inflame your skin. During the treatment, there might be some discomfort, but it is brief and momentary.

Improves Skin Texture

When Botox is injected into the target area, it not only reduces pore size, it also does wonders for your skin texture. Namely, the result following a Botox airbrush treatment will be glowing and smoother skin, with no rough patches nor complexion issues. A Botox airbrush treatment does not overpower your skin with the product which means you will still have your skin – but better.

Prolongs Anti-Aging

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent aging, but with a Botox airbrush procedure, you can prolong it and maintain the beauty of your face for years. Many people fear that if they stop botox treatments, they will become wrinkled. Although people who use botox regularly will enjoy its lasting results, taking a break from it won’t hurt the appearance of your face and you can always go back to the treatment as desired. 

Quick & Long-Lasting

A Botox airbrush treatment does need additional anesthesia and can take minutes to accomplish, depending on the patient’s needs. The best thing about the procedure is that, if done right, it can last for several months or even a few years, again, depending on each individual patient. The treatment requires no downtime after completion and can be repeated after the initial results fade.

The Price Speaks for Itself

Botox injections have an affordable price when compared to plastic surgeries or other advanced cosmetic treatments. A Botox airbrush procedure doesn’t require weekly or monthly visits, meaning no continuous payments for these treatments, which makes the procedure far more budget-friendly than other options. Typically, the price for Botox treatments is calculated per units used, and each unit is priced between $10 and $15.

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